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The Fredericks Family at

Windrake Farm 

A Small Family Farm Committed to the Humane, Organic, and Environmentally Sustainable Raising of Pastured Animals



Welcome to Windrake Farm, home of the Fredericks family since 2007. Windrake Farm is situated on a western facing hill in the town of Glen, in the fertile Mohawk Valley of New York State. Named by the young Fredericks boys, for the gusty year round winds that often seem to be roaring by like the dragons they loved (drake is another word for dragon), the 90 acre farm is also blessed with rich soils, diverse grasses, and an abundance of excellent well water.

First generation farmers, transplants from Connecticut, Kirsten and Carl arrived with skills in art, teaching, carpentry, mechanics, restaurant work, pretty much everything but how to actually run a farm. So they began with slowly repairing the neglected buildings, and resuscitating the overgrown fields, studying from books, attending courses, and learning from neighboring farmers. The farm began to come to life as a homestead, a place of constant learning for their young homeschool family. They started with a vegetable garden, five chickens, a guard donkey named Jenny, a beef steer named Rumpus, and a Jersey cow named Becky, for milk. Amish neighbors taught them how to milk by hand, butcher chickens, and assist birthing cows. They learned how to make yogurt, butter, cheese, as well as canning, pickling, and baking bread. Then came 3 more cows, beef breeds, lots of used haying equipment, and learning all about grass based farming: haying, fencing, rotational grazing. Friends and family invested in shares of beef and pork, and the farm began feeding many households! Skip forward in time and the young boys are now adults, contributing hugely to the daily farming, while also pursuing other interests. The farm is now home to Kirsten, Carl, Skyler, Sawyer and their cousin, Art, with the middle son, Aric, living just 10 minutes away. It is also home to a beef herd of around 45, and a couple sows, and their annual litters, 3 boisterous chocolate labs, plus all the wildlife. The land is divided into pasture, hay fields, garden, a small orchard, as well as conserved wetland and wooded areas. Each year we welcome new "farm families"- people that feel good knowing where their food comes from, knowing our animals live a happy, healthy, and humane life. 



Our cattle are raised exclusively on their mothers' milk, organic pasture and hay, plus some organic treats from the garden and orchard.

Our pigs are kept on organic pasture, weather permitting, or roomy well bedded indoor stalls, fed locally sourced organic feed, as well as plenty of organic hay, milk, eggs, and treats from the garden and orchard. We limit our sows to one spring farrowing a year, so that the market hogs spend most of their life outside with room to roam and forage.

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